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We believe architects need a strong online presence. What better way to do this than contributing to our community engagement initiative which offers you a great way to state your opinions and concerns, and experience being part of a rich and diverse community that welcome your thoughts.

Afterall, the minds of emerging architects and students are a bubbling pot filled with thoughtful ideas, negative and positive experiences and a dash of emotions.


We live in a world built by structures, structures that form part of the fabric of our lives.

Architects have been responsible for shaping these structures, and it is these architects that grew from small seeds during their education, absorbing skills and knowledge, to flourishing and thriving practitioners. But, what may seem perfect, can be flawed.

To elaborate, such architects began practicing architecture slowly and focused on technical concerns, however, once they became economically significant, we saw social issues begin to arise – and a lack of education on this aspect could be to blame.

With this, it can be said that the ‘older generation’ of architects can be likened to a group of stakeholders that envision a world of practice and education as they wish it to be.

And this, of course, has a major effect and impact on the education and the career of emerging architects.


Through our Podcast, we facilitate discussion that empowers you to speak truth & fact against power, pitfalls and complexities of the profession.

Our live platform encourages people to meet and engage in discussion on issues surrounding the industry, its practice and its education.

We want you to voice your frustrations and stress the importance of the value that rectified issues can bring to the professional and public realm.

Fighting this reality is tiring …however… ignoring it is even more disastrous.


Through ArchiPal, ArchiSpeak has assembled a team of professionals from the industry whom act in the capacity of advisors, reviewers and speakers that periodically host or participate in our webinars.

These podcasts will provide highly rewarding experiences to all participants.

We have invested heavily in ArchiSpeak and have created an impressive line-up of engaging topics to satisfy all demands.

The format of all our podcasts will encompass a solo/monologue that introduces a topic.

Our host will then guide the conversation around the epiosde’s topic to engage in an organic conversation to unravel rich and diverse exchanges, insights, experiences and opinions.


Traditional face to face events are limited to local and national areas, which can incur travel costs – making it difficult to make a full return on the investment of your time and money

Our podcasts connect you with guest speakers from across the globe.

Furthermore,face to face events are organised with several highly focused subjects crammed into a tight schedule.

Our podcasts, even though titled with specific topics and steered and guided by a presenter, we give you control to discuss what you want, how you want.

So, who wouldn’t take advantage of our virtual venue& platform?

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