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Our Mission

ArchiPal empowers everyday homeowners and small businesses to access affordable architectural services. We specialize in connecting you with local professionals—known as ArchiPals—that deliver a range of architectural and building solutions.

When you work with ArchiPal, you get a team of architecture experts who take the logistics off your plate—so your project is done right from the start.

Our Values


We advocate a modern approach to architecture services that allows everyone to make their architectural dreams a reality without breaking the bank.


Our focus is always on solving customer problems and providing best in class customer service.

Push boundaries

We don’t rely on what is, to tell us what can be. We are actively transforming the way architectural services are delivered to clients through our collective of architects, engineers & consultants and our fixed pricing model.

who we are

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Dr. Akash Angral

Founder / CEO

Dr. Angral is an experienced architect who has practiced architecture for more than 20 years in the UK and in India as well as tutored design and building construction models within architectural universities. Dr. Angral set up a well-established architectural firm in India before moving to the UK in 2014.

In 2019, he completed his PhD in Architecture and Digital Design from the School of Simulations and Visualisation at the prestigious and high-ranking Glasgow School of Art.

His PhD thesis ‘Reshaping Architect-Client Relationships and Digital Technologies’ prepared ArchiPal in its ambition to enhance how people live, work and connect by creating an intelligent PropTech interface enabling better architectural solutions benefiting clients and architect alike.

A passionate visionary who engages and inspires his team every step of the way.

Roger Curtis

Consultant Advisor

Roger is a Chartered Building Surveyor advising on architectural product design and process management.

Gordon Gibb

Architect & Expert Witness

Gordon provides industry insight and business relations.

Gideon Gontor

Software Engineer

Gideon builds and maintains the PropTech interface platform that runs ArchiPal. He is also our SharePoint Expert.

Gaby Weidlich

Strategy Advisor

Gaby is our Business & Brand Strategist. She is also the CEO at Future Ratio.