How it works

With fixed-price products, transparency and accountability, ArchiPal makes it easier for clients to seek, compare and access high quality architectural advice locally.

1. Book a call

2. Fill details

3. Find Architect

4. Connect

5. Project Completed

Step 1

Book a free intro call

Book a free intro call or purchase a product to confirm ArchiPal Services. ArchiPals’ can provide overall vision, innovative designs, and cost-saving tips, which reflect value-addition in the aesthetics, functionality, project cost and execution of building works.

Step 2

Fill out a short project questionnaire

Fill out a short project questionnaire, This helps us match you with the right ArchiPal product.

Step 3

ArchiPal finds you a licensed architect

ArchiPal finds you a licensed professional based on your project requirements with skill set, location and expertise in mind and would seek information regarding the proposed thinking of the redevelopment.

Step 4

Connect with your architect.

Connect with your architect. Discuss your ideas and establish project deliverables, timelines and budget.

Step 5

Get completed your project job.

ArchiPal’s license professionals help you complete your project job. your Archipal would develop a feasibility assessment report that would suggest the key components of your proposal along with each of their area and zoning on site.