External Improvement

Get work done on the outside of your property and the areas close by

This is the work on the outside of the building and its immediate area. It could be repair and upgrade of facades but also the addition of porches and other features of the building. It can also mean works to the parking area and groundworks. This sort of work may require planning permission and will need to be designed and measured for costs to be planned and quality control assured.

What is this product?
This package of products will allow your ArchiPal to review the current condition of the building and give you some ideas as to what might be done with the outside of your building. Design works in this package might be for repair, maintenance or upgrade, as well as new features for the building such as porches and entrances. This package can also address designs for groundworks and landscaping. This design work could also cover adaptation measures such as new renders or cladding new cladding. Some products need to be there for your ArchiPal to deliver a proper service for this package, but you may wish to deselect some products that you don’t need.  

Who is it for?

These products are for owners or managers of domestic properties where external improvement work is needed.

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From £600

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Starting at: £240 VAT included
This product will allow a review of what might be done with the property. Your ArchiPal will give you a series of options that can be developed to take things forward. This product will suit those taking on an existing structure where there are many considerations regarding upgrade and reuse. This might be a former hotel being converted to residential use, subdivision of a larger property into flats or a rural property needing an upgrade. If you want a Site-visit  this will have to be purchased separately:

Who is it for?

This product is suitable for existing domestic and commercial buildings of all types.
Building Type
Size of project
Starting at: £400 VAT included


The stage of the ArchiPal engagement for an existing building is to ascertain the present status including defects, brainstorming possible solutions and identifying works required, including technical interventions and risk assessment. This will ensure key defects are not missed. The condition survey report will allow you to understand the building better and make informed choices in the following design process regarding the repair and upgrade. Assessment of your site/project, your personal priorities and your design ambition. and recommendation report in PDF format. Plus 15 minutes of explanatory video (screen share presentation).


This product is relevant to both Domestic & Commercial property owners. All types of structures and must buy if you have an existing building.
Size of project
Building Type
Starting at: £135 VAT included
With this product, you are buying time as required from a Professional as you require. This might be a Structural Engineer, an Architect, Surveyor or M&E Engineer. This product is kept simple to allow you to add time as you require, depending on the nature of the problem.

Who is it for?

This product is relevant to both Domestic & Commercial property owners. All types of structure.
Total Site Visits
Building Type
Size of project
Starting at: £400 VAT included
You have the property, the ideas, and the resources but need details that your contractor can work too. Having a full set of drawings and specifications will allow you to control cost, design and quality ensuring that you get the right job done. Your ArchiPal will take your outline plans and ideas and convert them to drawings and specifications Historic Buildings to allow a contractor to be procured to deliver the work. The number of drawings and level of detail will depend on the size and nature of the work and local regulations.

Who is it for?

This product is relevant for historic domestic & commercial properties.
Size of project
Building Type
Essential products are pre-selected; You may need some more products depending upon your individual requirements.
External Improvement

Starting at:

From £600

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How it works

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ArchiPal finds you a licensed architect based on your project requirements with skill set, location and expertise in mind.

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Connect with your architect.

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ArchiPal’s license professionals help you complete your project job.


An expert can actually save you money in the long run and add value to your renovation or project, thus, hiring an architect’s services is a wise investment.

All our services are offered at a fixed price rate, ceasing quotation-based fees, including residential and commercial design, as well as bespoke projects. 

Our ArchiPals and ArchiMates are all licenced and accredited professionals – so you are in safe hands!

Not all projects will require numerous plans, sections, details, specifications, schedules, mechanical and electrical designs, and structural calculations. 

It is important to remember that tradesmen do not always have the expertise and skills in visualising project completion from the outset. As a result, there may be unpredictable outcomes, additional expenses and long delays, not to mention unsatisfied clients. 

You determine and select the specifications of your project on our platform.
With the information you provide, we search our vast network to find suitable and qualified local architects willing to undertake your work.
The architect will contact you to discuss your requirements and utilise our platform to contract relevant professionals to build a team to turn your vision into a reality.

There are 2 ways to purchase services on our platform. Our first option allows you to choose from our standard listed services that are all set at a fixed rate price – dependent on the type of work required. We also provide the opportunity to customise a ‘self-service’ plan suited to your own requirements.

The most convenient way to contact us is via e-mail: info@archipal.io  We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

We want to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible. Our customer service is available Monday – Friday. Drop us an e-mail at info@archipal.io. We will respond as soon as possible.

ArchiPal members will all be verified professionals – making them credible providers adhering to codes of conducts and practice.
Regulatory bodies within the build and design community will also be a part of a larger network, and at the time of purchase of a service, a client will have the opportunity to nominate a mentor to oversee and monitor the progress of the project, or the option to review work upon completion of project and provide a written report confirming that the quality of work and practice of professional.

At ArchiPal, we strongly believe that the key to the success of any project is the relationship between clients and their designers.

Depending upon the size, type and complexity of the job you can find architects, engineers, consultants or emerging talent on this platform.


We have answers. Book a free consultation with a licensed Architect.

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Store Policies

Quality Committment
All ArchiPals are experienced and registered practitioners with a minimum experience of 3 years of practice.

Timely delivery policy
If you are unable to provide the minimal specifications required for a project to the ArchiPal team within ____days of receiving the questionnaire then your product will be cancelled and the full amount refunded to your card on file.

Working closely with clients and users, ArchiPals ensure that projected designs match requirements and are functional, safe and economical. Through ArchiPal platform the decision of the level of their input is yours and you can decide when and for which specific tasks you need an ArchiPal.

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Please be aware that ArchiPal for Clients products by ArchiPal are intended to provide access to certified or licensed professionals in pursuit of particular parcels of work at your build site. These products are designed to provide tactical knowledge of practice given by accredited and experienced practitioners at junctures of your choosing. ArchiPal is the platform that connects clients requiring timely and critically targeted inputs with architects and designers able to provide those.

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